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The Messiah: What Jews Believe

(This is a follow-on from the previous post.) So, there I was, a Gentile teenager in pre-Internet days, trying to find out what Jews believed about the Messiah. It wasn’t all that easy, but I was persistent, and I did … Continue reading

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Encountering apologetics

I’ve mentioned before that I spent a large portion of my younger years reading about religion and theism, trying to find answers for myself. One particular part of this that I want to write about is all the time I … Continue reading

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I don’t know whether anyone apart from my mother has been reading this, but anyone who has may reasonably be wondering what happened to my promised review of Mere Christianity. The answer is partly that time was an issue (my … Continue reading

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Mere Christianity – Introduction/Preface

One interesting thing I’ve seen several atheist bloggers do is to review a book they disagree with by posting reviews of a chapter or section at a time (typically on a weekly basis), pointing out the flaws. For example, Libby … Continue reading

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Answers to Matt Slick’s ‘Questions for Atheists’ – Part 3

This is the third part of my responses to Matt Slick’s Questions for Atheists list from the CARM website. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. 22. Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If … Continue reading

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Replies to Matt Slick’s ‘Questions for Atheists’ – Part 1

Aaaaaand…. that pretty much completes the background of why I’m an atheist. If you read through it, thanks; I hope it was of some interest. And now, on to other topics. There are, I have found, quite a lot of … Continue reading

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Evolution and theism (or, another reason why I don’t believe in the God you’re probably thinking of)

During my years of wrestling with the question of whether God existed or not, one thing that didn’t faze me was the idea of evolution. I was never tempted by Biblical literalism, and had no problems at all with the … Continue reading

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