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I'm a GP with a husband and two young children.

Very belated redirection

I should have posted this two years ago, but better late than never… For anyone finding this blog, my blog is now Geeky Humanist over on the FreeThoughtBlogs blogging platform, where I blog about atheism, apologetics, and book reviews. And, … Continue reading

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Maccoby vs. Doherty; some thoughts on the mythicism theory

My last few posts have been laying some background for how I reached my current position on the origins of Christianity . What I want to do in this one is write about why I currently believe in a historical … Continue reading

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A whistle-stop tour through Hyam Maccoby’s theories

There’s a fair bit more I could write, and hopefully some day will write, about my experiences of looking into Christian theology and its flaws (some time I’ll have to write about the experience of reading the Prophets), but what … Continue reading

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The Messiah: What Jews Believe

(This is a follow-on from the previous post.) So, there I was, a Gentile teenager in pre-Internet days, trying to find out what Jews believed about the Messiah. It wasn’t all that easy, but I was persistent, and I did … Continue reading

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Encountering apologetics

I’ve mentioned before that I spent a large portion of my younger years reading about religion and theism, trying to find answers for myself. One particular part of this that I want to write about is all the time I … Continue reading

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I don’t know whether anyone apart from my mother has been reading this, but anyone who has may reasonably be wondering what happened to my promised review of Mere Christianity. The answer is partly that time was an issue (my … Continue reading

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Why I won’t be giving to ‘Operation Christmas Child’ this year

A few weeks ago, my daughter came home from school waving a letter informing me that the school is ‘proud to be supporting the Operation Christmas Child project this year’. (The letter also says that they ‘have enjoyed huge success … Continue reading

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